We believe in the importance of partnership throughout the executive coaching process.  We guide clients through the planning, lead the development effort, and help create the environment to ensure growth and success – short term & well into the future.

Each client is unique and each project is customized to the organizations need, and the leaders being developed.

Complimentary Visit:  We begin after receiving an invitation for an introductory visit or phone call. We learn what type of coaching they are looking for, explore the need for an executive coach, the scope of work, and what outcomes they expect to achieve. 

Candidate Introductions:  At this stage, we are introduced to the individuals being offered executive coaching. In conjunction with the organization, we present the information, respond to questions, and the individual is given the choice to participate in executive coaching. 

Coaching Decision:  After the coaching client(s) have had the opportunity to meet one or more coaches, they will have the final say for which coach offers the best fit. Once selected, service agreements are finalized with our sponsors.

Discovery Process:  The coaching process begins with three primary areas of discovery:  assessment, interviews, and documentation. Relevant information from key stakeholders and the company helps our client prioritize their development needs and opportunities.

Development Plan:  The end result of the discovery process will clarify the need and priorities for coaching, along with approvals from the leader’s executive sponsor. Using the company or our plan templates, we clearly define goal statements, action plans and relevant measures to confirm progress.

Executive Coaching:  We leverage one-on-one coaching meetings to customize the design needed to grow the leadership and management skills of our clients.  To be effective, we have learned that coaching must be owned by the executive, must be future focused, and take advantage of job experiences. 

Future Growth:  Before we exit the coaching process, we acknowledge the gains made. Together with the sponsor, we identify a roadmap to not only anchor the gains, but also continue the path of proven leadership growth.