We believe in the importance of partnership throughout the executive coaching process.  We guide clients through the planning, lead the development effort, and help create the environment to ensure growth and success – short term & well into the future.

Each client is unique and each project is customized to the organizations need, and the leaders being developed.

Initial Visit:  Our process begins when we are invited into an organization for a complimentary introductory visit. Through a series of questions we learn we are the right type of coach for their needs. This initial discovery session includes Human Resources, but may also include the CEO or company president as they explore coaching for their organization, for themselves, or for another leader from the company. 

Planning Meeting: Once we’ve been confirmed for the project, we meet again to explore the scope of coaching work, what they expect to gain, and explore programs that will meet their needs and requirements. Importantly, we identify the people who will be offered executive coaching and determine the best opportunity to introduce ourselves to them.

Introductions:  At this stage, we are introduced to the individuals who are offered the opportunity to participate in the executive coaching. In conjunction with the organization, we present the information and opportunity in a transparent and open manner, and the individual is given the choice to participate in the developmental experience. This is also the point that the involvement of the leader’s manager is introduced as a key player in the developmental process.

Information Exchange:  We meet with those who choose to participate as a group, or individually, and we can this in person, or virtually. We are open to additional questions as they come up after our introductory meeting. At this point, we will have set and clarified expectation to all stakeholders.

Assessment & Discovery:  The coaching process formally begins when we introduce our assessments. We ask for company information such as the operating plan, position description, organization chart and other relevant information as we are attempting to identify the strengths, preferences and current levels of ability in key skill areas; as well as understand the company’s future direction and how those align with the leader’s capability. In addition, we conduct interviews with those key people around the leader to establish a context and affirmation for preferences and skill abilities.

Individual Leadership Development Plan:  The outcome of the assessment and discovery process will be our client’s clarity of purpose and goals for his or her development. We facilitate the development of major goals, outcomes, benefits and the action plan for moving forward. When ready, they check-in with their executive to assure they have their continued support.

Coaching Process:  We leverage one-on-one coaching meetings, our learning experiences, along with collective feedback to design, implement and grow the leadership and management skills of the leader we are working with. Through this coaching process, we are able to help the leader grow, and understand how they can continue learning and progressing beyond our coaching involvement. To be effective, we have learned that coaching must be owned by the executive or leader involved.  It must be future focused and developmental in nature. We believe that one on one coaching meetings are more of a catalyst to on the job development and are a great place to learn through the feedback process.

Check-in Designs:  Throughout the process, we design quick and effective ways that the leader can ask for feedback from those around them, which is a way to for them to continue learning beyond the formal executive coaching process. However, we do identify measurable progress and the next phase of work to be accomplished independently.

Planning for the Future:  After check-in and before we exit the coaching process, we wrap up the gains that have been made with the executive being coached as well as their team and sponsor. Together with the sponsor, we identify a roadmap to not only anchor the gains, but also continue the path of proven leadership growth.