Why We Do Work the Way We Do It

We Believe

Perspective:  Leadership development and coaching is challenging and fulfilling work – for you and for us.  It is not for those who are timid, looking for the silver bullet, or to fix a leader as a last resort.  Success relies on partnership, alignment to business strategy, and working ever harder to achieve success.

Growth: Executive coaching and development is pivotal to organizational growth, and yet, their development and feedback at the executive level is often left to chance.  When organizations perform well, their executive development is intentional, strategic, thoughtful and backed with commitment.

Advocate:  Senior executives and business owners play a major role in organizational leadership.  They are the model and benchmark that everyone looks up to.  Their role is to sponsor, advocate and model leadership for others.

Relationship:  Technology has a place in organizational effectiveness and efficiency, but we choose to serve our clients when we are face-to-face with them. Some coaches leverage computer and phones to coach at a distance.  We do not. We believe that leadership is first and foremost about relationships.

Experience:  Our collective opportunities, successes and epic failures of the past have made us better teachers.  It has informed us of who we are, how we can best help, and what questions to ask along the way. Your job and career experiences will also inform how effectively you lead others.

Impact:  Leadership done right not only brings personal satisfaction, but will accumulate greater results over time: moments of crisis are disappearing, leaders are engaged with their teams, teams collaborate across the organization, trust grows, company metrics progress, customers sing your praises, the company reinvests, and everyone is contributing to a growing economy.