People are brought together, connected and engaged by the answers to why.

Simon Sinek popularized the concept of ‘the golden circle’ and the inspiration it offers when we clarify our why. The why is so powerful because it communicates our purpose, cause and belief to others.

Loichinger Advantage focuses on executive coaching and roundtables with purpose and pride.


Business owners and executives are the catalyst for organizational growth and renewal. They determine whether the company will be a great place to work, or just another job.

Given their decision, they provide a beacon for the leadership culture they model to the organization – for better or worse. Their actions and decisions set the expectation for leaders and managers across the organization.

Executives who embrace their leadership responsibility, invest and coach other leaders, and align leadership strategy to business strategy, will rule the marketplace.

The research is clear – leadership matters.  Recent reports identify an ROI of 15 – 45X ROI for executive coaching.

I choose to develop executives and entrepreneurs who willingly invest in their growth, lead the talent around them, build competitive advantage, and contribute to the economy.

Together with our clients, we deliver proven leadership and organizational growth!  Join us!