Each TEC Roundtable delivers the vital perspective that top decision-makers need to see the big picture, test new ideas, overcome obstacles to success, and to seize new opportunities.  In groups of 12 – 16 peers, members engage in candid and challenging discussions under the facilitation of a highly respected Chair.  We are selectively seeking additional member’s with a strong desire to enhance their leadership and business acumen, and move their organization forward.


Program Elements of the TEC Experience:

Group Meetings:

Members gather 9X a year to resolve high priority issues and to hear from expert business speakers and resource specialists.

One-on-One Coaching:

The TEC Chair meets one-on-one with each member prior to each of the group meetings.  This allows each member individual attention and coaching on their most significant challenges and opportunities.  Chairs probe for key issues and insights as members develop and hold themselves accountable, and decide which issues need to be brought to the group.

Expert Speakers:

The chair selects outside speakers to present at the member meetings, based on the needs and interests of the group.  These speakers inspire fresh thinking, share new approaches, while focusing on relevant business needs of the members.  Together with the other elements of the TEC system, speakers contribute to the enhanced results and growth of member companies.

Annual Retreat:

Businesses and executives accelerate their growth and professional success when they open themselves up to learning from others, limit the number of  decisions they make individually, and develop deeper relationships with those around them.  The retreat experience helps to forge the relationships needed to trust others and achieve the changes they are accountable for.

Inspirational Leadership:

Each spring, TEC Midwest invites all 600+ CEO’s and presidents to attend our keynote presentation and awards presentation at Inspirational Leadership.  This year’s keynote speaker is the Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage.  Mr Achor will speak to the seven principles of positive psychology needed to fuel success and performance at work.

Website Portal:

The on-line portal and resource is available to all members.  Access on-line resources for best practices; regional, national and international conference proceedings; and immediate access to global membership on issues that you are researching.

Special Interest Meetings:

TEC Midwest identifies additional speakers needed to address topics of special interest to members across TEC Midwest.  Expert speakers are brought in to share insights and lead discussions for interested members and their team members.  Recent topics have included social media, health care reform, growth strategies, establishing foundations, and other relevant topics.


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  1. I currently am the Director of HR for WARF, but also serve as board chair for the Literacy Network. Is this group fitting for a CEO of a nonprofit too? If so, I may along the opportunity.
    What is the annual membership cost?

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