Testimonials are the truest form of advertising.  They speak to what you have already accomplished with an organization.

As a results-oriented firm we strive to uphold our Promise and our Beliefs with all our clients.

Below you will find a several endorsements from organization partners and participants in our leadership projects.




“Dan has an aptitude for leadership coaching and understanding clients.  That makes him stand out from the other leadership development consultants. He pays close attention to what you say during coaching sessions and captures the essence of your greatest needs to offer balanced development advice to promote attainment of development milestones and enhance professional growth. In other words, he doesn’t just listen, but he also makes sure that the time spent coaching creates real value. Dan is also a versatile coach with experience using leading assessment tools and analytics; Dan has been a valuable partner.”

Jennifer Bullard Phillips
Virent (now HR consultant)

“We asked Dan to assist us in the creation of a performance review process and template that incorporated our core values and new brand attributes, and let staff know how they were doing throughout the year. He collaborated well with our organizational development partner and marketing firm to create a tool that effectively and fairly measures individual performance across our company.

He led the overall design and training efforts for employees and was helpful with our managers, helping them learn how to use the tool in their ongoing coaching of team members.

As a result, staff feel their individual goals align their effort to the bigger picture of the company’s growth, they now have meaningful conversations with their manager on how well they are progressing, and, all in all, Dan delivered a quality result and on time.”

Mark Taber
Wind River Financial (now retired)

“Dan did a great job preparing and delivering team development training for leaders of our organization. He met with us a few times before the training and attended the previous training so there would be a consistent flow. He customized our training based on our organization’s strategic plan and the feedback he heard from participants before the training began. He delivered on what we requested. If he didn’t, it was because we didn’t request it!”

Kimberly Noyce
State Bank of Cross Plains

“I started Toppers Pizza 25 years ago as a single restaurant, and today Toppers is one of the fastest growing pizza companies in the US, with 75 locations in 12 states.  In order to lead a vital organization into the future, I consider it critical to grow personally and professionally every day.  TEC is one very valuable way that I do that.  By interacting regularly with other successful CEOs in a transparent and open relationship, I not only learn, but also feel the challenge, respect, and connectedness that you would hope for in a strong peer group.  I am smart about how I spend my time.  I am not involved with TEC because I don’t have other things I could be doing;  I do it because it pays.”

 Scott Gittrich, President
Toppers Pizza, Inc. World Headquarters

“Dan was an outstanding facilitator at a strategic planning session held with our management team. He is engaging, a great listener and extremely thought-provoking. I would highly recommend Dan to others.”

Tina Fuhs
Wismarq Corporation

“Dan is a thoughtful and results-oriented coach for management and leadership development. He asks the hard questions while guiding people to find their own strength to meet challenges and improve leadership ability. Dan develops trust as a basis of relationship, leading to the safety required for critical insight. The work that Dan requires of his clients can be challenging, but he is a pleasure to work with and produces great results.”

Mary Tilton
Virent (now management consultant)