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Posted on 28-02-2018 , by: Dan , in , 2 Comments

Loichinger Advantage LLC is Moving Up in the World

After more than 15 years in the suburbs, I have moved our offices to the MGE Innovation Center in the UW Research Park.  I’m two weeks in and really enjoying the camaraderie, space, people and resources available to me.

Why move might you ask?

Well, truth be told, I will always have my home office in the burbs, but it works for many reasons:

  • I’m a people person!  It’s great to be at a professional co-working space where I can be heads down if I need to, but be around friendly, competent people I respect.
  • Options for clients!  As I coach firm clients, along with members of my Chief Executive and Key Executive groups, it will be nice to have a space that I can offer to meet with them, other than their office or a coffee shop close by.
  • Conference rooms!  Like the other tenants, I have access to exceptional conference rooms for client and roundtable meetings.  I had to search for chamber or outside spaces before.
  • Among business entrepreneurs!  Every one in the building at Research Park is an entrepreneur.  They help me understand today’s issues, provide me context and help me remain in touch.

Now mind you, these are only the things I’ve discovered in my first two weeks.  Of course they have high speed wifi, great coffee, and even a tap with craft beer!  There might be a few late afternoon meetings in my future!

Last of all, let me share the new address with you.  505 S. Rosa Road, Suite 225, Madison, WI 53719.  Website and phone number remain the same.

More changes coming!  Stay tuned for a new website and announcement of a new roundtable.




Dan Loichinger is a Vistage Chair and executive coach in Madison, Wisconsin.  He serves executives in companies throughout Southern Wisconsin, and at times, across the world.  More information can be found at www.loichingeradvantage.com.

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