Companies who invest in leaders
will rule the marketplace.

Purpose and strategy will guide
your leadership journey.

Hold tight to the principles
and ideals of leadership.

Executive leaders drive organizational
growth and renewal.

Invest in Proven Leadership Growth

Loichinger Advantage LLC serves Wisconsin companies ready to enhance leadership capability, foster organization growth and drive marketplace advantage. As the founder and principal, Dan works exclusively with CEOs, executives and business owners from independently-owned, middle-market businesses.

Dan and his clients navigate the path to success together in an environment of confidentiality, discovery and trust. Although every client and leadership journey is unique, his goal is fulfill his professional commitments and develop enduring and meaningful relationships while enabling clients to achieve ‘Proven Leadership Growth.’


Our Clients

By interacting regularly with other successful CEOs in a transparent and open relationship, I not only learn, but also feel the challenge, respect, and connectedness that you would hope for in a strong peer group.

Scott Gittrich | CEO

Toppers Pizza

Dan asked the hard questions while guiding me to rediscover my strengths and passion, as I worked to better meet challenges and improve my leadership ability.

Mary Tilton | VP, Operations


I found Dan to be a great listener who provided constructive feedback at the same time. Though I have 25 years of career experiences, I had never tried coaching before. Dan offered a refreshing perspective on how to make the most of it. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone who, like me, might be wondering if they need a coach. The experience was invaluable to me.

Carolyn Jenner | CEO

Junior Achievement, Europe

Dan was engaging, a great listener, and extremely thought provoking as our strategy coach & facilitator. I highly recommend Dan.

Tina Fuhs | HR Director

Wismarq Corporation

Vistage Round Tables

Latest Blog Posts

Times They Are a Changing

Times They Are a Changing

Yes, there have always been business owners who have fostered growth through very thoughtful planning sessions while cultivating customers and employee contributions, yet the challenges owners and CEOs are facing today are much more challenging. I hear more and more who are doing so, and the people who are benefiting from their companies past reputation are in decline. The issue is not that things are changing dramatically, but what will you choose to do to address these realities?

Paul Hoffman, CEO of Monona Bank, Vistage 2020 Member of the Year

Paul Hoffman, CEO of Monona Bank, Vistage 2020 Member of the Year

Each year that I have led our Vistage Chief Executive Roundtable in Madison, WI, I have asked the members to identify their Member of the Year, and tell me why they selected the member they did.  This year the members selected Paul Hoffman, President and CEO of Monona Bank.  I love the fact that members identify who is the cream of the crop, and tell me why, or what criteria is most important in their mind.

Congratulations Jesi Wang, CEO of MetaStar

Congratulations Jesi Wang, CEO of MetaStar

The members of our Madison-based Chief Executive Roundtable selected Jessica Wang, CEO of MetaStar as our inaugural Rookie of the year. Members comments centered on Jesi’s energy, engagement level and emotional intelligence displayed within our roundtable.