Does this title sound familiar?  We’ve been hearing more and more out of Washington D.C. as our financial and economic systems are being propped up by the government.  Now, two of the big three have been offerred bridge loans, aka – bail outs.

Don’t get me wrong!  I’m all for helping but have a few questions and editorial comments of my own.

Why do industry giants come and ask for governmental help today, and every other day, tell the government to stay out of their business?

Business owners can’t have it both ways.  If we believe in capitalism, market forces, and dynamic competition, we need to manage our businesses this way.  If it’s good for our companies 98% of the time, it’s good for our companies 100% of the time.  Manage and innovate.

Why are we investing so much in the mega organizations when all the data tells us that smaller, growing entrepreneurial companies create nearly 90% of the jobs in our country?

I’m interested to see moves by the government that support the growth engine of our economy, and more encouraged to see that entrepreneurs and business owners are not waiting for things to happen, but challenging the status quo.  Again, we should move and leverage market forces and competitive factors, not wait for others to save or help our companies.

We have great opportunities with new products, ideas and family businesses with strong values and track records.  Can’t we divert some of the money to move these new technologies forward, and reward those who work hard, drive jobs and economic prosperity for the thousands of communities across our nation?

It also makes me wonder how big is too big to manage.  I have not seen a lot of comglomerates who are growing value and profitability over the long-term, although I’m sure there are exceptions.  Maybe we should look at separating some portions to better protect the innovation and profitability of those business units.

Why are we tolerating the government spending our children’s money (not ours) when we have the largest deficit in history – by far?

The number has become so staggering that it has long since moved beyond my ability to grasp it.  Are you able to get your head around the current deficit?  Now we have bridge loans to the auto industry?  Will these be the only loans requested from the Big 3?  Skeptics would say no.  Now the president elect is looking at boosting our economy with infrastructure projects.  Wow.  How will the budget ever be balanced? 

To me, this is less about business and more of a personal issue as we think about our children, grandchildren and the generations to come.  It is not OK with me that our spending is rapidly accelerating and very little is being done to eliminate services that have outlived their intent and usefullness.

Why are we so consumed with the proliferation of the negative, crisis, fostering senate hearings that are more about blowing smoke than the issue at hand?

Some would say that we’re at the mercy of the world media centers.  It is definitely a factor.  Still, we have power in what we watch, what we say and how we vote.  Don’t take on the victim role.

This question obviously takes on a variety of issues – watching our elected officials pontificate instead of asking relevant questions in hearing infuriates me.  We need to move beyond the crisis moment and look towards long-term investments and leadeship strategies.

Why are we surprised at the place we have arrived at?

This is the most interesting question for me.  From personal, to organization to governmental, we have outspent ourselves, leveraged too much debt, lived for the moment, and we’re surprised that cracks have begun to appear in the dam.  Hello! 

Time to exercise our opinions, our votes and our actions.  Nothing will change with business or government until we take the high road.  Our personal actions will make a difference.

Are the auto and financial institutions too big too fail?  I’m not sure, but I believe we have a number of preliminary and fundamental questions that are more important to ask first.