Our firm recently asked leaders what the most effective & reliable tools within their leadership toolkit have been.  The results are in! The broad base of business leaders from the Capital Region provide their insight.

So much comes across our desk every day – brochures, seminars, university courses, consulting offers.  How can you separate the value from the trash, so that your investments in staff and leadership, offer lasting solutions and results?


Short of staffing and centralizing your own workforce learning and training function, the business leaders we surveyed provided the following great insights to us, and to you.


·         If your organization believes learning & development is the key to organizational success, establish a goal within your strategic plan for it.

·         Develop management & leadership skills that multiple across your workforce, and strengthen the relationship between managers and their staff.

·         Continue or increase funding for development to accelerate strategic goals & initiatives, including retention.  Stop across the board cuts.

·         Build natural organization commitment by selecting an executive sponsor, and engaging them in all aspects of your assessment, delivery & evaluation processes.

·         Leverage the expertise of internal subject matter experts with the credible & objective expertise of external consultants & advisors.


When asked which development processes most often make up the toolkit for managers & executives within your organization, the following received the highest votes:  tuition reimbursement, career development/talent management, executive coaching, succession planning & development & multi-rater surveys.


How does your organization compare?