Last night’s evening news reported a 1 trillion dollar bail-out of Greece by the economic union.  I applaud their presence, response and the expanded scope of their decision.  So many things done well – so much uncertainty remaining in our world.

If there was ever any doubt that we are a global, integrated financial system, the large drop in the DOW last week eliminated that.  The issue that presides in my mind right now is how organization and business leaders from the area will respond.  Will they continue down the track of economic rebound and renewal, or, will they again recoil back into the emotional shells, full of fear.

Glen Beck called for us to plan and prepare for another economic relapse.  No ranting.  No emotional tirade.  Simply a call to prepare for the worst, and pray for the best.

If we are to fall into another enduring economic crisis, more companies will fall by the wayside because of their lack of courage, leadership, and strategy – in that order.

Others, have taken significant steps to re-establish their core competencies, address compelling scenario’s in their planning, and re-invest in their premier leadership talent.  These will be the companies that emerge stronger and more competitive.

Which camp will you be in?  How can we help you to position yourself into a more competitive position?