Matt LeBlanc, better known as Joey Tribbiani of the TV show Friends, always brought his memorable entrance into new relationships with the question, “How you doin’?”

Maybe the quote was for an entirely different purpose, but we know that high-performing organizations often take time to review and check-up on their progress – even more in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world.

So, how you doin?

We recently passed the 100 day mark of 2011. Time goes quickly, and without intention and focus, we miss the opportunities that present themselves, and/ or waste time chasing opportunities that present themselves, but really don’t fall into our true areas of expertise.

Read on to see what progressive organizations are doing with assessments to build greater clarity.

Assessments provide your leaders and organization the opportunity to have a clear idea of where they are currently functioning, as they plan their development and future growth. With data, they can compare results for themselves over time, or with other organizations taking the same assessment, using validated norms. Administration is easy and takes little time as nearly all assessments can be provided confidentially, and electronically, used web-based technology.

Leadership Assessment: We believe that nearly all progressive and needed changes begin with your leadership and management teams. This is where the strategy is defined, executed and put to the test. While we review many leaders at the same time as employees with the annual performance review, there are numerous assessments and surveys that can be used to develop individual leaders or leadership teams.

We often leverage the Polaris® 360-degree Survey given its validated skills, as well as the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) to assess styles and approaches. While these are reliable standards for us, we have access and certifications to use other surveys and assessments as well, including DISC.

Team Assessment: Again, we have a variety of validated and pre-packaged options her with the Polaris® Team-X Survey or the newly released Five Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment. The first allows us to illustrate skills and competencies needed for team management, while the Five Dysfunctions survey focuses more on outcomes for the team: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability & results.

Organization Culture: Culture is a business issue. Your ability to grow efficiently and produce quality products while providing consistent revenue and profits is dependent on how well your leadership teams and workforce are aligned to your strategy. We can use this survey technology to check your organizations readiness for strategic change, surface issues that are getting in the way of performance, and understand which organization drivers are leveraging business performance.

Move forward by assessing your workforce, identifying the gap, building the team, aligning culture to vision, driving action and tracking progress using the Denison Organization Culture Survey. Measure mission, consistency, involvement and adaptability, through 12 research validated factors, to quantify your ROI.

In addition to these particular assessments we can bring in other individual or organizational assessments, as well as develop or customize any of them for your particular needs.

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