Loichinger Advantage LLC continuously reviews the latest research to improve our consulting methods and consider emerging trends occurring in the workplace.

It recently occurred to us that we could do a better job of highlighting and showcasing some of the best research that we come review, in order to assist area professionals.

This article will focus on recent research by Right Management:  How Leaders Drive Workplace Performance.

Bottom line results depend on bringing developing, emerging and strategic leaders to the peak of their potential with maximum efficiency. In a world of work in which new challenges are confronting leaders at a quickening pace, no organization can continue to overlook leader development.

Douglass J Matthews
President & COO
Right Management

I often think that we have passed the debate on whether leadership development is needed, and we are on to just how we best accomplish that, but after the economic turmoil slashed leadership development budgets and staffing levels across the country, I’m not so sure.

I read a lot of great and varied business and leadership materials throughout the year, and recently, I am reading more primary research reports that great organizations – larger than ours – have published. The question I often ask myself is, what can I learn and apply form this work?

In this timely research report from Right Management (2010), they publish the following findings:

  • The leader has a critical role of engaging others on their team and across the organization.
    • Top drivers for immediate manager: developing others, provides ongoing performance feedback, and, acts on my ideas and suggestions.
    • Top drivers for executive managers: value employees, lead by example, and have the capacity to make the organization successful.
  • Done well, the role of leaders appears to matter less.
  • Leadership is implicated in all topics and areas of work, as opposed to something as an additional role.
  • Driving engagement begins at the top with senior leaders.

To read the detail of the findings, to learn more about the recommendations and implications, and to see great research reports, go to www.right.com/thought-leadership/research