LoichingerAdvantage-logo-LARGEAfter a few months of updating content and refocusing our services, we invite you to take a look at our new website.

Why change?  The firm has re-focused, clients needs have changes, and we’ve done a better job of asking ourselves why we do what we do.

Take a look and let us know what you think of the changes.  Here are some things you should notice immediately.

  • Executive Development:  Given the continuous input of our clients and those we have been talking with, we have a clearer picture of what is important to you.  As a result, we have focused everything we do on providing proven leadership growth, and the benefits you will achieve from it.
  • Purpose & Focus:  While our new promoter score of 90%+ demonstrates we have been really good at leadership development, strategic planning, and executive coaching, we have decided to focus on what we are best at and what clients need most – executive coaching and roundtables.
  • Community Engagement:  In the past, professional service firms used websites as online brochures.  Today, we offer ways for the community to engage in furthering ideas, content and best practices.  Don’t just follow us, but engage with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and our WordPress blog.  Even more opportunities will follow.
  • Executive Coaching:  We provide leadership coaching to executives, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders while working with you to align our work with the leaders developmental goals and the organizations strategies.  We build leadership capacity for strategic leaders, nurture emerging leaders and demonstrate results from our long-term partnerships.  We are not life coaches, business coaches or sales coaches.
  • Proven Results:  We are incredibly good at executive coaching and roundtables, while always striving to become better at what we do.  With 25+ years of leadership development and coaching experience, we know that our work is part science and part art.  As a result, we can guarantee your company the results that come from what we do.

Again, take a few minutes and browse through our site.  Let us know what you think.  What do you find most compelling?  What is confusing or unclear to you?  What are you looking for but can’t find?  Find a spelling or grammatical mistake, let us know.

Are you interested in talking about the development of your strategic leaders through executive coaching, group coaching, or TEC roundtables?  A short meeting over coffee is only a call away!


C Dark Blue ShirtDan Loichinger is the president and executive coach for Loichinger Advantage LLC. The firm offers proprietary coaching programs like LEADERCoach, CHANGECoach, EQCoach, TALENTCoach; and executive roundtables through TEC Midwest for business owners and top executives.

Clients value our ability to improve their strategic insight, advance organization change, build sustainable results and increase competitive advantage when working with them throughout Madison & southern Wisconsin.  Together, we offer proven leadership growth.