EDGE BMC www - CopyLoichinger Advantage LLC has recently established a working partnership with Dan Freschi of Edge Business Management Consulting. Edge BMC is a human capital consulting firm with deep expertise in organization development, talent management and leadership development, and is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our initial partnership will begin with leadership assessments, and grow into other client solutions.

Edge BMC has a depth of understanding and expertise with assessments, and at the current time, they will be our strategic partner with Everything DiSC, and Hogan. Dan Loichinger, founder and president of Loichinger Advantage LLC said the following about establishing this partnership.

“First and foremost, Dan Freschi is a man of character and integrity. As we establish and build upon our working partnerships, we only do so with people with similar values towards clients. Beyond Dan’s character, we were looking for assessment experts who were knowledgeable and would deliver to our clients needs. We are not experts in every phase of leadership and executive development; so partnering with other firms who bring deep expertise to certain aspects of the overall solution is essential to our clients success.”

Edge BMC’s expertise in Everything DiSC and Hogan instruments were particularly attractive to our firm at this time, as we have been recedanbwiving more and more requests for DiSC, and believe that the portfolio of Hogan assessments will not only help our clients with assessing leadership talent, but potentially with selection as well. We need to move past the best sales person or technical representative getting the promotion. The workplace is dynamically different and the demands of leaders are too great to stay with the status quo.

Finally, I am confident that options for clients who need and use our assessment and development expertise will expand, given Dan’s partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, and others. As important, we believe our firms have similar outlooks on focusing work towards exceptional growth, managing projects with transparency, and finally, integrated assessments and consulting into our client’s strategic perspective and human resource systems.

If you would like to learn more about these new assessments, call or e-mail me for an introduction to Dan and the assessment portfolio he brings to the firm. I can be reached at (608) 354-3524, or via my e-mail at Dan@LoichingerAdvantage.com.