Service has been a core value of mine, even at an early age. From my family upbringing, to scouts, to my service fraternity to how I volunteer my time.  Service to others is a core thread in the fabric I call life.

In addition, leadership has been a value I’ve placed on top of service many times in life and career. I remember being invited into a honors society as an upper classman at the Univeristy of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, and choosing to launch a leadership development conference called ‘Leaders Are Made, Not Born.’  I am not a Big L Leader, but a quiet leader who influences, directs and encourages others.

Fast forward to today.  I love to volunteer and to bike around the countryside with two different cycling clubs.  What better way to do both by entering a beautiful ride in Summit County Colorado called the Triple Bypass, and lead contributors to donate towards a great organization for kids health and fitness called Tri 4 Schools.

On July 13th I’ll be riding 120 miles and over 11,000 vertical feet in one day, for the kids that participate in triathlons and mud runs around Dane County.  My starting goal is to raise $2,500 for Tri 4 Schools, but hope to continue raising the goal is others follow my lead and contribute.  I’ve already kickstarted the campaign my having my firm and three organizations donate the first $1000 under corporate sponsorships:  Mueller Sports Medicine, Leer, Inc. and the Levy Giving Fund.

Our Cause

Tri 4 Schools believes that all kids deserve fun, safe, and healthy opportunities to be active. Their triathlons, mud run, and after-school program encourage kids to live active lifestyles, and funds raised at their events go directly back to participants’ schools to fund health and fitness resources. Since 2011, Tri 4 Schools has raised nearly $320,000 for local schools and helped more than 15,000 kids cross a finish line, inspiring the next generation to achieve their dreams.


I am an executive coach and chair for chief executive & CFO roundtables in Madison, Wisconsin, and have been consulting and coaching clients through my firm, Loichinger Advantage LLC for the past 18 years.

Today I serve business owners and executives who want the best for those around them, and share my passion for human potential, organizational leadership and dynamic growth.

By growing their capability as enterprise leaders, they engage their workforce, build healthy families, accelerate company growth, and create great jobs in their community.

Feel free to comment on my post, or send me a note at  I welcome your thoughts.  They will help me grow and learn even more.