The members of our Vistage Chief Executive Roundtable are asked to select their annual Member of the Year, and provide me their reasons for their choice.  Since we are a member-driven roundtable, they define the person and the criteria used.  As they have in previous years, members did an exceptional job selecting this year’s Member of the Year – but then something surprising happened!

Unlike previous years, many members noted the contributions of a member who had recently joined – ‘Rookie’ as members playful tease in meetings.  The comments highlighted the energy, engagement and emotional intelligence of Jesi Wang, CEO of MetaStar.  I couldn’t agree more.

As a result, I created the first ever ‘Rookie of the Year’ award, to be presented along with the prestigious ‘Member of the Year’ award.  Specifically, members recommendations focused on Jesi’s contributions and support for others. Jesi was nominated because of her:

  • willingness to listen and act on other member’s suggestions;
  • desire to share her individual and organization challenges to improve;
  • approach in doing everything possible to promote a trusting team setting;
  • skill in asking good questions of others, helping members to better understand the situation; and
  • habit of often time being the first to express appreciation and gratitude to others.

These member comments speak to the leadership qualities we seek and develop in members who are selected to be part of our group.  We seek CEO’s and business owners of small to medium size organizations who demonstrate high-integrity leadership, and who are focused on the growth of those around them, along with the organization.

Congratulations Jesi!  Well deserved!


Dan Loichinger is the Chair of a Vistage Chief Executive Roundtable in Madison, Wisconsin.  In addition, he facilitates a CFO Roundtable in partnership with Financial Executives International – Madison (FEI), and also provides 1:1 executive coaching to C-level executives and business owners.  In each case, his desire is to provide his clients Proven Leadership Growth.  You can learn more at