My wife and I have often given to community causes we care about for years.  This summer I found the combination of charitable giving and my love for biking coming together.  What I didn’t expect was the widening ripple effect my summer rides would create.

There were two events, one with friends at the Lake Ripley Ride, benefiting JDRF, and prior to that, the Scenic Shore 150 along Lake Michigan.  It was a 2-day ride to benefit the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society.  Since I didn’t have any family members affected, I talked to a friend whose daughter Gloria fought and beat leukemia at an early age.  The photo you see if the placard that Gloria created for me, that I attached to my jersey.

While it helped me have a reason to ride, and kept my legs moving over the 2-day ride, I didn’t realize the ripple effect my ride would create!

  • First of all, the ripple occurred with my mind and perspective, an example of 10x is Easier than 2X, by Dan Sullivan & Dr. Benjamin Hardy.  I had never biked such a distance where I had to ride back-to-back days.  I was worried about my butt the most, but it was fine, my legs were fine, and I was able to ride the distance at a pace of 15 ½ MPH.  Who knew?


  • It reminded me of the importance of having a great support system.  It was a fundraiser, so I had people contribute, a team I rode with, and most important the staff & volunteers from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society who had people and food at each rest stop, helping us navigate a weather threat in Sheboygan by having us move to the YMCA for a bit.  Otherwise, the weather was great, and Lisa was there to celebrate with me at the end of both days.


  • Most important, as a rider I was inspired by the cause – blood cancer research & more important Gloria, a wonderful girl in remission.  I was able to donate more than $800 for the ride, which rippled to over $5,000 for our team, and magnified to $1.6 MM for blood cancer research by the 1,000+ plus riders over the weekend.


  • Finally, when I came home, I gave Gloria the placard, my ride number and the medal I was presented with.  Just maybe, this will create future ripples that I don’t realize are possible right now.

Lessons learned?  Open your mind and consider bigger impacts for the efforts you put forth at work and your lives.  You may send positive ripples with others that continue to grow.


Dan Loichinger lives and works in the Greater Madison area in Wisconsin.  He is a Vistage Chair of 10 years with Chief Executive and Trusted Advisor Roundtables.  When time permits he also takes on executive leadership coaching clients to support the career, performance, and succession planning efforts of companies in the area.

All of Dan’s work is focused on strengthening advisors and executives of small to medium sizes businesses throughout Southern Wisconsin.  As a result his advocacy builds exceptional leaders, businesses and communities.  When not working, he pursues adventures with grandchildren, downhill skiing, road biking and the landscapes of our beautiful country.