Accountability without Support is Harassment

  Wikipedia defines accountability for leaders this way:  the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies including the administration, governance, and implementation within the scope of the role or employment...

Leaders Are Now Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Key Point: We need to become more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. One great way to do that is to challenge others with great questions. Our teams bring greater commitment and energy to work if they know the why behind what we ask of them.  Not too much...

Shift Gears. Plan Ahead. Benefit Greatly.

________________________________________________________________________ Big Idea:  Companies will realize much greater benefits from leadership development and executive coaching when they plan ahead and execute with discipline. Human resources and leadership...

Walk the Talk: A Tough Balancing Act for CEO’s

I was sitting in a CEO’s office’s listening to the plans he wanted to achieve through executive coaching. He had a good grasp of his 360 feedback, had translated it to the needs of his team, and had accepted the responsibility for his development actions. In addition,...

Invest in Your Best Leaders & Future Talent.

“Coaching is now more closely associated with higher performance than ever before, especially with the individual receiving the coaching.”  ~  American Management Association Investing in leaders who are committed and open to newip

TEC, A Clearer Vision for Executives

“It’s amazing how often one significant new idea gleaned from a TEC meeting has a multiplier effect on the overall value of TEC membership.  Also, the one-on-one sessions with my TEC Chair and the regular TEC meetings have become  

We Help Executive Teams Improve

Senior executives do not typically run the most effective management teams.  Effective management teams are led by leaders with purpose, process and follow-through.  The focus of management has typically been focused on survival