CFO Roundtable

Choose the CFO Roundtable if you’re serious about leadership, career and business success.

FEI-MSN-LogoNine members of your financial community recently formed the CFO Roundtable and would like to have you consider membership in 2019.

Are you challenged with the ever-expanding responsibilities of a CFO?  Your performance is often graded on more than your finance accountabilities. Do you have someone to confide in as you make your way through decisions of significance?  And yes, you don’t always have the authority to drive these business decisions alone.

Stop trying to make it happen by yourself!  The roundtable will offer you a group of strong peers who want to learn with you, share best practices, build new perspectives and help you improve big decisions throughout the year.

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Learn more or nominate yourself for membership by contacting our roundtable facilitator:
Dan Loichinger | (608) 354-3524 |

The CFO Roundtable will provide you the ability to take your career to the next level and support the growth initiatives of your company.

You’re striving for excellence while navigating a complicated business landscape. FEI’s CFO Roundtable connects you to an elite peer group with one goal: empowering one another to reach new levels of extraordinary success.

Confidentially address professional challenges with the guidance of an accomplished business leader. Leverage new insights and powerful resources to hone your leadership skills and push your career forward.

Designed for the challenges of key executives.

I have been most impressed with the skill and experience level the members are bringing to the table, and the learning that occurs as a result.

Brad Simonson

Jaeckle Distributors

Accountability: You’re held accountable for company results but have limited control over how to achieve them. Learn how like-minded executives have been successful at building alignment and influencing change within the company.

Strategic Perspective: You’re asked to provide financial leadership but are often drowning in the constant demands of the business and your people. Step out of the whirlwind each month to focus on strategic challenges and opportunities.

Competing Priorities: You’re often tasked with competing priorities and stakeholder demands with conflicting and ever-changing expectations. Surround yourself with high-performing peers who are committed to enhancing their financial and leadership capabilities and helping you to achieve the same.

Leading Change: You’re often challenged to perform at the highest level while continuously adapting to a changing set of circumstances. Instead, get unbiased, honest feedback to help you navigate the path forward with critical challenges and strategic implementations.

The benefits of peer groups are proven.  Members use the group to vet their ideas, improve key decisions, learn other perspectives, access resources, and learn from the success and failure of others.


CFO’s need to successfully lead strategic initiatives and teams, while accomplishing results at a much faster pace.  With expanding responsibilities, our members want to not only succeed as financial leaders but business leaders.


CFO’s or senior directors of private companies in the Capitol Region.


Members meet for a half-day every month, with a regular monthly cadence.


The agenda typically includes member check-in, flash topics, member showcase, business tour and executive sessions, where members help others with a deep dive on a member’s challenge.  Once a year, we come together for an off-site retreat.


Meetings rotate among members business each month, giving us the opportunity to learn more about each other’s business and core responsibilities.

How Much? 

Roundtable members invest $2,000 for annual dues, on top of the FEI membership, in addition to incremental fee’s for hosting and the annual retreat.

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