Enhanced Decision-Making, Strategic Perspective and Leadership Effectiveness for CEO’s & Owners.

Chief Executive Roundtable

Vistage for chief executives. There’s a lot riding on your decisions. The Chief Executive Roundtable will help you make more effective decisions, many of those leading to powerful results. At the core, a confidential advisory group of peers helps you focus on what’s most critical. Led by an accomplished business leader, this unbiased group will help you solve problems and uncover opportunities.

Vistage Chief Executive Roundtable

Peer Advisory Meetings 9 full-day group meetings per year
Coaching Meetings 9, 90-minute 1:1 meetings
World-class Speakers 6 high-caliber speakers present each year
Online Resource Portal 24/7 access to global members & resources

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Designed for the challenges of chief executives & business owners

With a tremendous track record of growth and results for more than 60 years, our Chief Executive Roundtables are currently run in over 20 countries across the globe.

Decision-making: CEOs are always confronted with satisfying the competing priorities of their stakeholders while operating within a dynamic marketplace. Don’t make those critical decisions alone. Present your key challenges and opportunities to an experienced peer group who has nothing but your best interest in mind.

Organization Culture: Every one of our members enters their group as a highly experienced industry executive, yet they also have to balance other key priorities such as culture, brand, leadership, and profitability. The combined decision and initiatives will present you with the opportunity to build and enhance your company culture.

Networks & Community: The days are long and the work rarely finished. While resources are often available, many CEOs often have their head down and are busy driving the company agenda. Our members take time away from the day-to-day demands to access professional networks, grow as a leader and contribute to a professional community of peers.

Strategic Perspective: The tyranny of the urgent is the dilemma that leaders face. Yet, for businesses to succeed over the long-term, CEO’s and business owners must allow their team to manage the operational agenda and support the work of establishing a strategic future direction.  Members often reveal that their membership allows them the opportunity to think about and plan the future of their company.

Scaling Growth: Gain fresh perspectives on the complex issues needed to optimize business decisions and scale the business for future success.

Vistage Works: Vistage helps high-integrity leaders make informed decisions that impact their companies, families and communities. Vistage member companies grow 2.2x faster than average small and mid-sized U.S. businesses according to Dun & Bradstreet.

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