Developing CEOs & Business Owners
to Lead Organizations Into the Future

More than 30 years of leadership and executive development work with clients has informed the why and how I coach clients: executives, entrepreneurs, business owners or emerging leaders. 

We choose to work exclusively with top executives of growing organizations, those who see their current and future leadership pipeline as a strategic asset to be nurtured. Businesses often focus leadership training on first-level supervisors and middle management and spend millions of dollars. While that is important, developing executives and owners will have the greatest impact and is deeply needed in our business and workplace climate.

The media often portrays senior executives and business owners as self-centered, power hungry people who only care about themselves and how much they can earn. In Dan’s decades of experience, he has found nothing could be further from the truth.

Owners of growing, middle-market companies make up a major part of our Wisconsin economy. These are hard-working executives who re-invest in the company, demonstrate core values, create jobs and build the communities that we live in.

The challenges clients face are real and carry great risk. The decisions have to be right whether the company is facing recession or growing rapidly. These are situations no one should face alone.

Clients who have achieved success understand they can’t get to where they want to go doing the same thing they did to build past successes. They will commit to a plan with shared ownership, transparency, and most important, demonstrate high integrity.

Leadership is really hard work. In his role with clients, Dan serves as a partner, executive coach and facilitator. He asks clients to suspend judgment, try new approaches, take calculated risks with the people they lead, and to trust. That takes courage, discipline and time.

Dan’s promise to clients is Proven Leadership Growth. This typically starts with discovery, new perspectives, options to address challenges, better questions, improved decision-making, which leads to leadership development and organizational growth.