“I serve as an advocate for owners and executives who share my passion for human potential, organizational leadership and dynamic growth.

By choosing to strengthen their capability as executive leaders, they engage the workforce, drive performance & build competitive advantage.”

Dan Loichinger
  Owner, Loichinger Advantage

Dan Loichinger

A Note From Dan Loichinger …

I am fortunate to be able to work with many of the best executives and companies throughout the Capital Region.  These owners and executives understand the leverage gained through strategy, leadership and organization design.

My family has provided me the foundation on which I have been able to grow and learn.  My wife Lisa has traveled this journey with me for over 35 years.  Together, we have had the privilege of raising three incredible children, all through college, working on their careers and making their own life choices.

My beliefs have emerged and have influenced choices in my life and career.


I am by definition a life-long learner, having been in the learning & leadership field for over 25 years.  I have had the privilege of working with leaders who could teach me, mentors who could guide me, consultants who offered me a hand up, and other chairs who taught me the most important lessons.  I tried, I learned, I made mistakes, I corrected, I am better.  


I am at a point in my career where I work exclusively on executive coaching and development, not because I am the best at what I do, but because without owners and executives modeling the way, our investments in leadership development are pointless.

Long View

I have long been a proponent of the long view, strategic thinking, and helping to make sense out of the chaos we experience in the marketplace.  Where do you want to go?  What’s the best path forward?  Developing leaders is hard, takes time, but the reward is definitely worth the journey.


Warren Bennis, the grandfather of leadership development, has said that leadership is really about strong relationships. I agree. Strong leaders don’t simply build their skill sets, but build leaders around them and the strong connections to others.


Executive coaching and development is fundamental to executive leadership and organizational growth, and yet, development and feedback at the executive level is absent. When organizations perform well, executive development is strategic, thoughtful and backed with commitment.


My Commitment To You

I will only accept your project if I am the best resource for you, and we agree on the best path forward. I focus on my work in executive roundtables and executive coaching. If we decide you need something else to succeed, I will recommend several others to you.

I will come alongside you for the entire journey; not just the duration of the project. I work with you as a partner, vested in your short- and long-term success. Successful projects deliver both great results and lasting relationships.

I will leverage my experience for your benefit, while being open to new ideas and insights that you bring to the table. My experiences offer insight and direction and need to be considered in the context of company objectives and market reality

I will use tools and processes that engage key stakeholders in your journey. While adding their ideas and input builds engagement, it also fosters transparency. I believe you will benefit when associates around you are involved.

I will leave you with a lasting solution and in a much better place You will not only have new tools and knowledge, but developmental systems, processes and insight to endure. Our efforts are aimed at creating lasting success, not dependence on our firm.

I will ALWAYS hold conversations and company information confidential. It is the competitive intelligence that your business relies on, and the reputation that my clients count on. I will NEVER compromise your trust in my actions or work.