Executive coaching is proven to develop and grow

executives & your leadership pipeline.

LEADERCoach+ is the premier coaching offering for top executives at your organization.

Our clients use LEADERCoach+ to develop strategic leaders, strengthen their leadership pipeline, develop succession candidates and assure their company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our coaching process is a proactive leadership development strategy for growing organizations, not a remedial program for those struggling to meet the changing expectations of senior management.


Over 25 years of experience in leadership coaching and development gives us the experience, knowledge and ability to impact effective change in people and organizations.


Our clients are seeking to drive overall success by strengthening their leadership pipeline, fostering succession, or to launch new products and markets. Accelerating leadership and executive development drastically improves their opportunity to grow a more effective business.


Whether planning the strategic future of an organization, or strengthening an individual leader, our driving objective is personal, professional, and organizational growth.

Coaching Process

Our process is rigorous, deliberate and intentional. Each coaching engagement begins with partnership, and moves through three essential phases: planning, development and growth. See more here…

We focus coaching engagements on senior executives, owners and emerging leaders identified in the organization’s talent or succession planning process and guarantee proven leadership growth for those who partner with us and use our model.

Dan’s coaching is focused on developing leadership potential and capabilities in executives who are sponsored by their organizations. Leadership development is the focus of Dan’s executive coaching programs – he is not a life coach, career coach, sales coach, fitness coach, growth coach or EOS coach.

Beyond establishing a strong partnership, we take the discovery process seriously and meld the goals and outcomes you envision with a clear picture of the current situation. In our coaching process, we rely on a variety of standardized assessments that may be behavioral or competency focused. Take time to review the wide variety of assessments we have available to you.

What Clients are Saying

Dan helped our organization with insightful recommendations to increase our interactions and effectiveness. His input on key issues was valuable to me as I added the finishing touches to our engagement. He also provided examples and recommendations for activities to build better understanding, cohesion and teamwork within our group.

Mirwais Qader | CIO

Madison College

I met Dan as part of our company’s larger feedback and development process. We connected very well and I greatly valued his feedback. Dan is personable, and his feedback is a nice combination of patient and thought-provoking insight.

Andrew Held | Sr. Director, Deployment & Engineering


After a few sessions with Dan, I was able to develop a strong action plan that allowed me to quickly start making gains on my goals and to see accomplishments. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is working to strengthen their leadership skills.

Robin Mobley | Inpatient Director

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Dan has an aptitude for leadership coaching that makes him stand out from other leadership development consultants. He pays close attention to what you say during coaching sessions and captures the essence of your greatest needs. He also offered development advice for me to reach development milestones and enhance my professional growth. In other words, he doesn’t just listen, but he makes sure that the time spent coaching creates real value. Dan is versatile with experience in using leading assessment tools and analytics. He has been a valuable partner to me and many of our leadership team.

Jennifer Bullard-Phillips | HR Director