Executive Peer Groups Deliver Proven
Leadership to 22,000 Global Members

Executive round table member companies grow 2.2x faster than other small and middle-market businesses across the U.S.

Rapid growth requires accelerated decision-making with make or break consequences.

Enter Executive Round Tables. We are the leading business advisory, executive development and coaching organization for business owners, CEOs and key executives.

Our members achieve perspective, leadership, growth and competitive advantage.

It all starts with a group.

Since our early beginnings as TEC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, executive roundtables have been bringing together successful executives into private advisory groups. Each group is focused on helping members improve the performance and outcomes of their business.

Each group of 12-14 executives and owners meet nine times per year to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and help each other with real operational and strategic challenges.

The members of each group are hand selected by the group’s Chairman and represent a broad spectrum of industries and member characteristics. We target area organizations with a minimum of $5 million in annual revenue. Then, in collaboration with the owner or CEO, we work together to build shared commitment for their growth, the roundtable process and the development of the members around the table.

Group problem-solving is the cornerstone of value.

The hallmark of our agenda is something we call Issue Processing. It is a structured and dynamic discussion that helps members see real challenges from different perspectives, push beyond their assumptions and ultimately get to the core issues at hand. Members are then held accountable to identify and carry out actions steps between meetings. No theory here: just rich insight, robust ideas, greater clarity and the accountability for follow-though.

Ideas and answers begin to flow.

Given the diversity of executive experiences, chances are that another member has wrestled with the same issue before. And because members thrive on the exchange of ideas in a strictly confidential forum, discussions get relevant very quickly.

You consider a wide range of experiences, ideas and best practices, and begin to narrow them down to those that appear to have the best chance of success in your company, with your stakeholders. You hear from everyone, but the accountability is yours. You decide which actions are best, and when you will implement them.

The Chair guides the meeting and group process.

Your chair has been carefully selected, having had P & L and senior leadership success in one or more organizations. They are part facilitator, part coach and entirely committed to your success and the success of the group. It is their role to stimulate thinking, frame issues, encourage group members, dig deep, limit distractions and ensure individually and group accountability.

Then it happens.

You plan, you prepare, and you take action. You have a growing sense that the issue you’re facing can be overcome. You create early success and think about how to build more of it.

You’re not done. Equally important, your group and chair will continue to ask you questions and follow your progress. Beyond the confidence and progress made, another outcome occurs that you didn’t expect. You helped other members immeasurably with your experience and insight.

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What Clients are Saying

When you first come into the room you see a lot of business leaders and wonder how can they help me?  Once you get involved, you find out that businesses have many of the same challenges and opportunities. We may be in different industries, but we are more alike than we are different.  Cumulatively, I thank the people around the table for that.

Managing Partner

Wisconsin Law Firm

One of the things I value most about our Chief Executive group is that it helps me see things from a different perspective.  Members’ encouragement and ideas create a profound impact on my point-of-view, which carries over to team and board meetings. My colleagues inspire me to be a better leader and learner.

Chief Executive Officer

Health Care Cooperative

I think of TEC as a self-help group for business CEOs. I appreciate the diversity of individuals & backgrounds as we share ‘real stuff’ with each other. I appreciate the magic of connection that happens as we open up to others’ challenges.  It’s a neat blend of take care of yourself as well as business tactics. In the end, it’s a place where I have invested, and I have benefited.  I’ve taken a chance and it’s worked for me.

Founder | CEO

The Best Pizza Company in the World

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