The Loichinger Advantage

Loichinger Advantage is dedicated to the important work of building leadership capability and the impact leaders have across their teams and organizations, as well as creating jobs and economic development with communities.

We have sent far too many people to training programs and learning conferences without an equal effort needed to plan their learning and spend the time needed to apply what they have learned back at work.

In addition, senior executives and owners live and work in a dynamic world that is exploding with information, where far too many people have diverging expectations of their role, and the world around us pushes back hard when we say no or try to reprioritize our obligations.

Owners and executives live in a world that is more isolated, less black and white, has expectations that grow exponentially, and is filled with diverse people and opinions.  They need help!

I bring optimism, offer hope, and focus on work that makes a difference for people who see what they are up against, and know they can’t use what got them there to succeed any more.  It can be done.  I can help.

Are you challenged by the whirlwind of challenges coming at you every day?

Do you feel more isolated from others now that you have the corner office?

Has the pace of change continued to accelerate in most areas of the business?

Have you discovered that the secrets to success used earlier now have limited success?

Do you believe that there is a better way to lead than what you’ve experienced?

Executive coaching provides clients with a return of 4 – 15X, and executives who participate in Vistage roundtables have grown their businesses 2 – 7X faster than comparable small and medium-sized businesses.

Stop paying for ineffective training that is costing companies billions of dollars each year.  Stop using the things that are easy to implement, as they fail every time. 

Executive coaching and development implemented well takes courage, time, investment and partnership to succeed.  What’s different with us?  What sets us apart from other firms or coaches?

Leadership Focus

Coaching has become an accepted method to develop leaders at many levels.  One recently published article indicated it was the fastest growing sector of leadership development.  I have chosen to focus my coaching on developing leadership capability and potential – not life coaching, not business coaching, not sales coaching, etc.

Executive Development

I work exclusively with the owner, CEO, managing partner or top executives because they are the model for everyone else, and they operate in the most dynamic and challenging work setting of all.  It’s hard work for both of us, but so worth it.  We see CEO’s taking millions in severance payouts, however the vast majority are salt of the earth, just like you and me.

Choice & Courage

The first choice we ask of our clients is whether they are up for the challenge and rigor of developing themselves for the benefit of others.  If not, the work stops there.  From there they must commit to their development as a priority, must carve out time that they rarely have, and enjoy successes and failures of the development plan. Relying on someone else and working in unfamiliar waters takes courage.

Deep Experience

I bring decades of experience and a passion for leadership development and learning across multiple industry sectors.  I have been inside of companies, worked as an external consultant, and designed and implemented development systems.  My work, my success, my failures are all great learning experience that I willingly offer to you.

Proven Results

With the right choices made with people and process, we can offer the promise of proven leadership growth.  There are lots of reasons this will work for you, one reason being is that if we agree to work together, I am accessible to you when you most need me – for anything – not just the days we have scheduled time together.

Step up to outperform the competition.

Learn to be the executive leader you are capable of becoming!