A Confidential Forum to Address the Personal &
Professional Challenges of Local Business Leaders

We are currently in the process of building a Key Executive Roundtable in the Madison area. We are looking for executives who report to the CEO or business owner, and probably have executive titles themselves. While they work with peers across the organization, they oversee functional groups such as finance, human resources, sales, operations, information technology, project management, or other business divisions.

If you would like to be considered for membership in this invite-only membership group, please call Dan at (608) 354-3524 or e-mail Dan.Loichinger@VistageChair.com.

Key Executive Roundtable

The Key Executive Roundtable provides you the ability to take your career to the next level and support the growth initiatives of your company.

You’re striving for excellence while navigating a complicated business landscape. The Vistage Key Executive Program connects you to an elite peer group with one goal: empowering one another to reach new levels of extraordinary success.

Confidentially address personal and professional challenges with the guidance of an accomplished business leader. Leverage new insights and powerful resources to hone your leadership skills and push your career forward.

Key Executive Roundtable

Peer Advisory Meetings 12, full-day group meetings per year
Coaching Meetings 1:1 coaching meetings (optional)
World-class Speakers 6 national caliber speakers
Online Resource Portal 24/7 access to global membership & resources

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Designed for the challenges of key executives

Accountability: You’re held accountable for company results but only have partial control over how to achieve them. Learn how like-minded executives have been successful at achieving alignment and influencing change within the company.

Strategic Perspective: You’re asked to provide leadership but are often drowning in the constant demands of the business and your people. Step out of the whirlwind each month to focus on strategic challenges and opportunities. Each month will help you and the business reach the next level of success.

Competing Priorities: You’re burdened with competing priorities and stakeholder demands. In addition, there are often conflicting and ever-changing expectations. Surround yourself with high-performing peers who are committed to enhancing their learning and leadership capabilities and helping you to achieve the same.

Leading Change: You’re often challenged to perform at the highest level while continuously adapting to a changing set of circumstances. Instead, get unbiased, honest feedback to help you navigate the path forward in the most effective way.

Vistage Works: Vistage helps high-integrity leaders make great decisions that impact their companies, families and communities. Vistage member companies grow 2.2x faster than average small and mid-sized U.S. businesses.

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