What Drives Me Day in and Day Out

People are brought together, connected and engaged by the answers to our why.

Simon Sinek popularized the concept of ‘the golden circle’ and the inspiration it offers. The why is so powerful because it communicates our purpose, cause and belief to others.

Loichinger Advantage LLC focuses on executive leadership growth with purpose, passion and pride.

Business owners and executives are the catalyst for organizational growth and renewal. Their behavior models what the business expects of leaders at all levels. They determine whether the company will be a great place to work, or another job with the same challenges and headaches.

Their beliefs are the primary driver for a company’s investment in leadership. Given that and other decisions, they will shine a bright or dim beacon for the leadership culture for the organization – for better or worse. Their actions and decisions set the expectation for leaders and managers across the organization.

Executives who embrace their leadership responsibility, invest and coach other leaders, and align leadership strategy to business strategy, will rule the marketplace. I choose to work with executives who are growing and thriving.

The research is clear – leadership matters. We know those who have influenced us most, share anecdotal stores, and recent research identify an ROI of 15 – 45X ROI for executive coaching.

I choose to develop executives and entrepreneurs who willingly invest in their growth, lead the talent around them, build competitive advantage, and contribute to the economy.

Together with our clients, we deliver proven leadership and organizational growth!


Why I Do Work the Way I Do

I have come to believe the following principles and beliefs.

Perspective: Leadership development and coaching is challenging and fulfilling work – for you and for me. It is not for those who are timid, looking for the silver bullet, or to fix a leader as a last resort. Success relies on partnership, discipline, commitment and the effort needed to align leadership to business strategy.

Advocate: Senior executives and business owners play the primary role in organizational leadership. They are the model and benchmark that everyone looks up to. The best executives and business owners sponsor and model leadership for others, and most of all, assume the role of chief advocate for leaders across the organization.

Relationship: Warren Bennis, the grandfather of leadership development, was asked what successful leadership meant after over 40 years of work and writing books on the subject. He responded it build strong relationships. I agree.

Purpose: Leadership in the past meant that I had a boss that told me what to do and how to do it. Now, it is necessary to engage our teams and organizational effort through the three elements written of in Daniel Pink’s book, Thrive: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Experience: My collective opportunities, successes and epic failures of the past have made me a better teacher and coach. It has informed me of who I am, how I can best help, and what questions to ask along the way. Your job and career experiences will not only inform how effectively you lead others but shape the leadership growth in front of you.

Growth: Executive coaching and development is pivotal to executive leadership and organizational growth, and yet, development and feedback at the executive level is often left to chance. When organizations perform well, their executive development is intentional, strategic, thoughtful and backed with commitment.

Impact: Leadership done right not only brings personal satisfaction but helps build enduring results: moments of crisis are disappearing, leaders are better connecting with their teams, teams work efficiently across the organization, trust and relationship grow, company metrics progress, customers sing your praises, the company reinvests, and everyone is contributing to a growing economy.


My Commitment To You & Your Organization

I will only accept your project if I am the best resource for you, and we agree on the best path forward. I focus on my work in executive roundtables and executive coaching. If we decide you need something else to succeed, I will recommend several others consultants or coaches who would be a better fit.

I will come alongside you for the entire journey; not just the duration of the project. I work with you as a partner, vested in your short- and long-term success. Successful projects deliver both great results and lasting relationships.

I will leverage my experience for your benefit, while being open to new ideas and insights that you bring to the table. My experiences offer insight and direction and need to be considered in the context of company objectives and market reality.

I will be available to you whenever you need me. Proposals are based on key activities and milestones of the project, but as long as we have worked together, you can call, e-mail me or ask me to help any time, even though the project is over. You won’t see any change orders or bills coming your way. I want you to succeed and grow – PERIOD.

I will use tools and processes that engage key stakeholders in your journey. While adding their ideas and input builds engagement, it also creates complexity that needs to be managed. I believe you will benefit when change and communication plans accompany the project plan.

I will leave you with a lasting solution and in a much better place You will not only have new tools and knowledge, but developmental systems, processes and insight to endure. Our efforts are aimed at creating lasting success, not dependence on our firm.

I will ALWAYS hold conversations and company information confidential. It is the competitive intelligence that your business relies on, and the reputation that my clients count on. I will NEVER compromise your trust in my actions or work.