Vistage for Senior Leadership Teams

Vistage Inside is a unique leadership development experience designed for senior leadership teams.  Facilitated at your company, it combines a planned mix of dynamic group meetings, expert speakers  and individual mentoring. Through experiential learning on company initiatives, participants will strengthen their leadership abilities, improve teamwork and foster organization alignment. You depend on your senior leadership team. Vistage Inside helps ensure they perform to their highest potential.


Vistage Inside Roundtable

Dynamic Group Meetings  4-10 meetings
Expert Speaker Workshops  3-6 speakers
Executive Coaching Sessions  2-6 sessions
Online Community 24/7 access to > 21,000 members across 20 countries



Solve the challenges facing your senior leadership team.





Growth pains: The growth of your business is outpacing the current capabilities of your team.

Innovative tools, disciplines and insights support leaders in making the necessary decisions that drive results for your evolving business.

Lack of authority: Leadership team isn’t taking the initiative to drive the business forward.

The support of an executive coach and peer group develops confidence as a leader — and the competence to back it up.

Narrow thinking: Senior leaders struggle with big picture strategic thinking and overlook solutions that fall outside their specific areas of expertise.

Exposure to diverse thought leadership grants the knowledge to identify novel solutions to departmental and business challenges.

Poor collaboration: Departmental silos result in avoidable conflicts and lack of a shared vision.

Peer collaboration in a trusted setting breaks down barriers, building stronger relationships and facilitating open communication.

How Vistage Inside works


Define Business Case

  • CEO defines the business opportunity with senior leadership team
  • CEO and Chair identify the benefits and program design to best achieve results

Dynamic group meetings

  • Recurring meetings provide a trusted forum for participants to process issues, engage in active learning and collaborate with each other.
  • Participants are encouraged to address the key challenges facing the business, question assumptions and break down departmental barriers.

Expert speaker workshops

  • World-class thought leadership from subject matter experts across a broad range of disciplines.
  • Participants brainstorm new ideas and approaches that can drive results throughout the organization.

Executive coaching sessions

  • Participants receive individual mentorship and guidance from their Vistage Chair, an experienced business leader.
  • Confidential one-to-one sessions foster in-depth personal and professional development.

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